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I live in an area where there are multiple home solar providers, and over the past couple of years I’ve invited 3 different companies into my home to discuss options. This is the first time I feel like the presentation didn’t leave me with unanswered questions about their system and what it means to me as a homeowner. This outfit really knows their business and for anyone reading this review, I highly recommend at the very least you get a proposal. If Solar isn’t right for you, this isn’t a company that will pretend it is just to get a sale.
-Brady Whittingham

Great guys ! They even followed up to make sure the technician was polite and on time. Definitely recommend working with them !
-Keenan Family

Love these guys. Great service. Great communication. Great experience!
-Jason Salmon

Great guys! Love that it’s a family business and they truly care about those they serve.
-Shannon Salmon

Advanced Home Pros has been exactly that…Pros! They have given the best service not to mention the best price. I could not be happier!!!
-Greg Crosby

Advanced home pros are the best in the business, plain and simple! They were super easy to work with and well organized. They knew exactly what I needed and helped me get exactly what would fill my needs. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. They are honest and took care of me!
-Luke Smith

Advanced Home Pros is a Full Service, One Stop Shop, Solar Service provider and installer. Most of the time we are able to get a solar system installed as soon as 2-4 weeks and other times it can take up to 6 months. We do our part to make it as seamless and simple as possible. However, due to some cities permitting and lack of functionality, the process can take a bit longer when we have to wait for these people to do their required job. Once the system is installed and all our work is completed the final site approval and city inspection will then allow us to turn on your system. We have worked in almost every state and have worked with many many different utility providers and cities, so we take pride in keeping the project moving forward and making sure you are always included in all communication.

A solar system consists of many working parts. The main part of the solar system, most familiar equipment, and most obvious are the solar panels. Most of the time these are placed on the roof with a unique and customer design to maximize and absorb the most amount of sunlight. Another option which is usually more custom and requires a bit more work is a ground mount. These are placed when installing panels on the roof doesn’t make sense or when a homeowner has enough land and prefers the solar system on a ground mount on their property. The next part of the solar system is the brackets and mounting parts. These are very important because depending on your roof type different mounting and brackets are used. Our Certified technicians install only premium equipment guaranteeing there will never be any damage or harm caused to your roof. For example, there are certain roof types, ceramic roof tiles, that are very fragile and require extra care when installing. We spend the extra time and resources to remove these tiles to make sure we can properly install the brackets and mounting equipment. Another important aspect to your system is the Inverter. The main purpose of the solar inverter is converting your solar energy that is absorbed by the panels from DC to AC. Without this inverter there would be no way to use the energy produced from the panels. Another major part of a solar system that is often overlooked is the micro inverters versus the string inverters. Unfortunately there are still a lot of solar companies that install string inverters. Basically, what these inverters do is connect all your panels to the main inverter.The problem with this type of system is that if one panel stops working the rest of the panels stop working as well. That is why we only use Micro inverters on every solar system we install. These micro inverters are assigned to each panel. This allows each panel to function on its own, so in the case that there is a problem with a panel the rest of your system can still function.

Batteries, these are becoming more popular by the day and we only use the best and most efficient batteries. Enphase batteries hands down are the best on the market. They last longer, are more efficient, and are a lot safer for your home compared to other options on the market.

With the rising costs of energy and the inflation rates skyrocketing, there is no better time to get solar. We like to tell our customers Solar ISNT an investment for your home, it’s an allocation of what you are already paying each month to the utility company and putting those same funds towards a system where you get rid of that utility bill and where you produce your own power!

We can help you no matter what your solar goals or needs are. If you are interested in going solar and becoming more energy independent, call us today 888-308-8048.