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We take pride in being available anytime our customers need us. Unfortunately there are companies that don’t give you direct access to your personal account representative and that can be a big frustration. Having to explain over and over again as you get transferred the reason you are calling is very frustrating. In the Telco industry most of the Multi-Billion dollar corporations have outsourced their customer service overseas, making it hard to understand or to be understood by those you talk to.

From time to time we Love to highlight some of our customers recent success stories by going solar:

This is the Experience of one of our recent customers named Joyce. Joyce reached out to us after hearing about some of our information on a podcast. She mentioned that before she reached out to us she had so many questions and visited our website to check some things out. After visiting the website she submitted some of her information through our website. We were able to receive her information and contacted her the next day. Joyce was very eager to get her questions answered and excited to see what we could do to help her.

As mentioned on Our Process page of the website, the first thing we started to go over with her was her main reason for wanting to go solar. Next, we collected all of the information we needed including the condition of her roof, type of roof, size of her home, and Utility bill information. With her utility company she was able to get her most recent bill and take a quick picture of the bar graph that showed her previous twelve month usage broken down by each month with the amount of kWh used. This is the most important information that we ever collect when it comes to solar. If we don’t know the annual usage of electricity for the home then it makes it a little more difficult to know what size of system our engineers need to build. Joyce’s system ended up being a beautiful design and a little bit bigger system than the average size.

After the initial call with Joyce we sent over all the information gathered from her to our engineering team and they started on the design and the specifications for the system. This usually takes no longer than just a few quick hours to make sure everything checks out and fits perfectly. However, just because the engineering team designs something doesn’t mean that is the only option. We always design the best and most efficient system. There have been some customers who don’t want the panels showing on the front of the house. If we can avoid this and it does make sense then we can make this request happen.

Then came time for us where we got back on a call with Joyce. We generally do a phone call or Zoom meeting and send over the proposal and design to make sure you can see everything. Joyce was super happy and excited to know that her design looked good on her home. She lives in Texas so she was able to go with the Mission panels which are manufactured right in her backyard. Of course Joyce still had a lot of questions. She wanted to know her different options for payment, the entire cost with one finance option versus the other versus just paying cash for the deal. She also had further questions about her tax credits she was going to be receiving. The biggest reason she wanted to make something happen ASAP was because she wanted to get the tax credits this year.

Joyce made the decision to get things going ASAP, while still on the phone with us she was able to receive all necessary documents and get things signed. We were able to walk her through and find her warranty and make sure she was able to find that. One of her concerns was that if she ran into any problems down the road she wanted to be protected and covered.

This project really made sense for Joyce. She was not only saving some serious money over the next 10-20 years but she was also able to get a system that was going to give her peace of mind knowing her rates will be fixed, she is producing her own energy, and she has batteries as backup in case of any problems with blackouts or problems on the grid. From start to finish the project took about 6 weeks. Her project went very smoothly, we had hoped to get things finished sooner for her but there were a few snags with the utility company being able to come out and get this set up the correct way. That can be frustrating sometimes when these utility companies operate very slowly. All in all Joyce is super happy and has even sent some of her friends and family to do business with us as well. We couldn’t be more appreciative for Joyce and thank her for her trust in allowing us to assist her in achieving her solar goals!


I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

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