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The Difference

Between Us and Them

One of the biggest things that we pride ourselves on is the attention we give each and every customer we serve when it comes to Where to Buy Solar Locally. We strive to make sure our customers are always taken care of no matter what. We realized that without our Customers we don’t have a business. From the very beginning our Solar Engineers and Designers work together to make sure that your panels work efficiently, while providing aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. We provide all of the various financing and purchase options to provide every customer with custom proposals to make sure we meet the outcome you have for going solar. We are willing to go the extra mile for those who want to be 100% off the grid where others shy away from this. We only work with installers who are certified and up to the local code and permitting processes that are required. Every one of our electricians is required to have the workman’s compensation insurance as well as a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy to eliminate any risk to our customers as your Where to Buy Solar Locally. We only work with licensed contractors to make sure you not only get the professional job you deserve but one that is clean and tidy so most things aren’t even noticed other than the panels they install. We provide a 20-25 years warranty. The solar industry can be very confusing and there are a lot of solar companies to choose from. Solar is an investment for your home. It is very important to be able to do business with a company that has experience, track record and professionalism that Advanced Home Pros does, and requires from all of it’s partners nationwide.

The biggest advantage that Advanced Home Pros has is the large cooperative network of electricians nationwide that allows us to provide the best in class nationwide coverage, equipment and installation for a lot less than the “big name” companies in the industry. 

Us and Electric Company

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration  the average electric bill for U.S. households was $111.67 per month in 2020. Now of course some households across the country have much lower Electricity bills and costs while others have much higher energy costs. There was a study done and in the year 2020 energy consumption on average went up by 10%. Since 2000 there has been an annual increase in the cost of energy by 2.2%. Meaning, as more and more homes are built across the country the increase in electricity is going to increase and the more the power grid is going to be stretched. This could have huge effects on the amount of rolling blackouts that could happen as well as Utility companies not having the correct infrastructure in place to accommodate each household for Where to Buy Solar Locally. 

There is no time like the present. The utility companies have a huge monopoly on your power. If you don’t like the rates and are upset with your current power bill, there is no option to “switch utility providers” and go with a competing company. This lack of competition with current Utility providers causes increased prices and no accountability for any Where to Buy Solar Locally. The difference between us and the electric company is we provide an option to be able to rely on your own power that your solar system produces, the electric company wants you to rely on them. So being able to have a solar system that in most cases you own allows you to generate your own power you are going to use and for at least the next 25 years lock in your electricity rates. That fact alone should be the biggest reason homeowners make the decision to go Solar. With the current direction our country is going with increased costs of most essential products and services there is no better time to be able to have that peace of mind by taking control of your electricity costs and locking in your energy costs for the next 25 years. The utility companies can’t offer this because the cost of energy is continuing to increase year after year. We are happy to help and make sure your home is taken care of and you are in control of your energy production. Our Solar systems are state of the art and once again there is no better time to go solar! 


This is the most popular option our customers go with and usually makes the most sense for Where to Buy Solar Locally. Our first goal for our customers is to be able to provide significant savings on their power bill. The second goal is to provide a system that is going to be reliable and provide usage when power goes out or something happens to the power grid. In order to be able to function when this scenario happens the solar system needs battery backups. These batteries allow for the system to be a hybrid system, meaning the panels function perfectly when everything is functioning with the power company, and when the grid goes down you are able to rely on your batteries to provide power for about 6-8 hours per battery. This is the best way to go solar for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their system but still have some independence from the utility company in time of need.  

Off Grid

Going completely off the grid and being 100% disconnected from your eclectic company and the grid can be done but there are a few things out of our control.  Some cities and electric companies do not allow this so it is necessary that we have our engineers do some due diligence before we give you the green light that it can be done. If it’s up to us, we’re here to serve you and will make it happen. It’s unfortunate that some cities, counties or electric companies allow you to disconnect completely from the grid, but we’ll do all we can to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision to reach the outcome you’re looking for when it comes to Where to Buy Solar Locally. If you are interested in this option please understand we’ll make it happen if it’s allowed in your area.