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Advanced Home Pros is a retailer for most of the Television, Internet, and Home Security providers. Advanced Home Pros also has a team to help Homeowners throughout the country protect against the increasing energy costs by going Solar. Every new Solar customer receives one FREE year. Many of the service providers we work with are DIRECTV, Dish Network, Spectrum, AT&T, Xfinity, Cox, MediaCom, Frontier, Centurylink, HughesNet, Windstream, ViaSat, Vivint Smart Home, ADT and Alder to name a few. This allows us to customize the service or package plan just for you so you can enjoy all of your favorite channels and shows without overpaying for the things you don’t want or need. All of our services give you the best viewing experience with High Definition or 4K quality and a DVR with Whole Home capability. You never have to miss your favorite show again utilizing your DVR. Not only that but you can have the ability to catch your favorite event or show while you’re on the go. 

The service professionals at Advanced Home Pros are trained to focus on the package and channel lineup that is best suited for each customer based on the channels and programs they are looking for that fit their specific needs and desires. Too many times we see companies offering packages with hundreds of channels that you will never even watch. We believe that you should only purchase the channels that you know that you will enjoy watching! That is why we have made it our mission to train each and every representative that works at Advanced Home Pros to always put the customer needs first to ensure a satisfied customer who always gets the package that suits their needs!


The DVR capability is one of the most popular benefits of working with Advanced Home Pros when taking advantage of our TV offers. This allows you to maintain your busy schedule while never having to miss a beat with your favorite shows and movies by being able to record! 


Advanced Home Pros represents more than 15 different internet providers to be sure they have an option for internet and WIFI service for everyone no matter if they live in a city where many of the larger companies provide 1 gig Fiber or in Rural areas where the only option is Satellite internet. It can be very difficult to get Internet in some rural areas or homes and Cabins in the mountains where Satellite internet is the only option available. We are able to provide any address in the Country internet, because of the partnership we have with: Xfinity, Centurylink, AT&T, Spectrum, Hughesnet, ViaSat, Earthlink, Frontier, Mediacom, Ziply, Rise Broadband, Buckeye, Cox, Windstream, and more.


As the experts, we know which speeds and data usage are going to be best for you based on the information you provide. This ensures that you’re not overpaying for speeds that aren’t needed or that you are set up with speeds that aren’t fast enough for the things you do online. Whether you have been affected by Covid and work from home or if you simply just check your email daily, we offer a variety of options to make sure you don’t skip a beat while you’re online.

We want to make sure you get the best custom package that suits your needs which is why our customer service representatives are trained to make sure you get the best package to fit your needs! Our goal is to get you the right internet wherever you are in the world!

Home Security

Not only do we provide the safest security systems, we have the latest in smart home technology that allows you to manage your home while you’re away or laying in bed. We offer a large array of different smart home devices including the doorbell camera, home sensors, smart thermostats, cameras, automated locks on your doors, and the smart phone app to control everything right from your phone!


The most popular benefit of converting your home into a smart home is our Doorbell Camera. This allows you to check who is outside of your house and in front of your home from the convenience of your smartphone! There is also the option for you to see the doorbell camera from your smart hub that our professionals will mount somewhere convenient inside of your home. You can also have the option to use the doorbell camera as a two-way communication device and communicate with whoever is at the front door. Whether it is a mail delivery or an unwelcome guest, you should always know what is going on at your home while you are away! 


The Smart Thermostat offers simple climate control to help keep the home comfortable. Save an exponential amount of money with the smart thermostat and the ability to adjust your homes’ temperature from anywhere in the world! You can set custom times for your home to cool and heat throughout the day so that you are as energy efficient as possible! 


You will have the ability to change the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone or even using the smart panel that is mounted inside of your home! 


Installing solar panels is a smart investment that ends up saving homeowners thousands of dollars on your household electricity costs and increases the value of your home. It is good for the planet by helping to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the local air quality. When putting residential solar panels on your home it can be less than how much your current electric bill is, with multiple financing options, including $0 down and interest rates as low as 0.99%. With our easy installation process that makes it simple to install the solar panels for your home, we oversee your entire installation and take care of every step for you, from inspections, permitting and even getting HOA approval. Knowing that you have the most efficient and reliable solar panels available you can relax. We are backed by the industry’s best and all-inclusive 25-year performance, product, and service warranty. Advanced Home Pros monitors and services home solar systems from our offices in 33 States. Our team will walk you through the process to take advantage of all local and federal solar incentives and rebates.


There are a variety of benefits with having solar panels on your home. The biggest benefits of residential solar panels include:


  • Being free from utility rate increases: Renting your power from your utility company never ends, and rates are only rising. Going solar will lock in a stable rate, and it ends up that solar panel payments are generally less expensive or equal to your monthly energy bill.
  • Become energy independent: When the panels get paid off, you will own the power you produce, which eliminates or nearly eliminates your energy bill all together. 
  • Get federal rebates and tax incentives: Installing solar panels on your home will allow you to claim a Federal Tax Credit.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Most utility companies burn natural gas, which regardless of its name is a fossil fuel, and that creates tons of pollution to create power for homes. Solar panels collect energy directly from the sun and only produce clean energy.


We use the highest rated and quality solar and electrical equipment for your customer solar system. All of the equipment including the panels and inverters, are the highest rated equipment on the market. Because of this high rating your system will be more efficient, last longer, provide more savings, and give it an amazing curb appeal that looks professional on your roof. This will result in you being proud to show to your friends, family, and neighbors.


We provide a simple 3 step process in order to meet your expectations, assess your energy needs, provide you with a project manager, so you can start saving money and help the planet by using clean energy.


  1. The first step in going Solar is Assessment. We have some of the most advanced technology which allows us to assess what solar program is right for you. Our Engineers will design a solar system that will provide you with the most amount of savings in turn providing you the most amount of savings on your energy bill. This is a very important step because it allows us to make sure your home is a right fit for solar and answer any questions you might have about solar.
  2. Once we are able to design and determine the best/cost effective system for your home, we then have our Installation team get to work. They make sure that all of our state of the art equipment is installed properly. Our installation team works with you to make sure all permitting and approvals are taken care of to ensure your home will be getting maximum output and efficiency from your solar system.
  3. After these 2 steps are completed you will now be able to enjoy your new solar system. This allows once again the saving to begin immediately. Then as time goes on you will be able to take advantage of your utility rates staying the same. As the years pass and energy and utility rates increase you will be able to enjoy your amazing savings.


Another aspect of Solar is peace of mind. Solar is an investment that allows for tremendous savings. So it only makes sense to do business with the best companies that provide the best equipment. As part of our Business we provide our 25-year operations and monitoring warranty with all of our solar systems.. This gives you a peace of mind that even after the installation of your system we are still continually monitoring and watching to make sure your system is getting the most production from the sun. In most cases we will know if something isn’t working properly with your system before you realize. Our team will contact you to fix any issue and get your system back to producing the amount of energy your system should. 

Pest Control

We have teamed up and partnered with a few different pest control service providers, but Terminix, the most trusted brand in the business, is our flagship partner. Since 1927 they have been helping customers solve all their pest problems.This allows us to provide top of the line service with such a trusted brand. 

Whether it be Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, Bees, Wasps, Mosquitos, Termites, or any other pesky pest we are able to get to the source and get rid of the problem. 


Our top of the line products allow us to actually stop the problem and make sure they never come back. Our trusted Technicians are trained to find the source, or nest of the pest and make sure we put a stop to any problems. By doing a 360 degree coverage our technicians place a barrier around the home to make sure that all pests stay out and stay out for good. With our quarterly services this is made possible. Pests are generally active all year round so we specialize in protecting your home during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Also, all our products are child and pet safe, meaning our product is non-toxic. This will give you the peace of mind that they can still play safely outside and enjoy the comforts of your home without any pests.


The most common problem across the country is the Cockroach, these nasty critters can be known to cause a lot of problems especially spreading harmful bacteria and disease throughout a home. Our products are able to protect your home and make sure there is a protective barrier surrounding your home that way no pest is able to get in. Another huge problem is bed bug infestation. We have helped many families across the country with their bed bug problems. We are able to come in and stop the problem with simple non-toxic solutions that actually get rid of the bed bugs so your family can feel safe.


We are 100% confident in our service that we guarantee a free service call if any pest comes back. Let our professionals take care of the problem once and for all so your family and friends can enjoy a pest free home! Don’t take our word for it, check out all of our customer reviews. Many of our customers are seeing dramatic results within 24 hours.