We wanted to share a few stories we have had helping customers by going Solar with our Where to Buy Solar Locally:

It seems like yesterday but at the beginning of 2020 we were able to help out our Grandparents with Solar for their home. They are in their 80s and had been hearing about solar for many years. They had several representatives knock on their door trying to pitch them on the idea and benefits of solar. However, it just never seemed like the correct situation or timing. Being that they are in their 80s solar can be something that doesn’t make sense, as some payment options can be 10-25 years and taking on debt at their age can be something they don’t want to do. So we looked at all the different options and decided that because of their situation it was best to get a 100% offset system for their home but instead Lease the system. Meaning all they are doing is allocating their payment for their current power bill and instead putting that towards their Solar system payment, at a much much lower cost each month. The thing that they really loved about this option was the fact that once the system was installed and they were producing solar energy, their rates are locked in for the next 25 years. So if the utility company raises their rates, which they will every few years, our grandparents have the peace of mind that they are in a much better situation now and for a long time into the future. Here is a little of what Vic had to say about his experience:
“It was so simple working with Advanced Home Pros. They understood what I wanted when it came to Solar. I gave them the information they needed and from there it was a breeze! They got me designs of the panels on my roof and got them installed so quickly! I am now able to save money monthly on my electric bill compared to what I was paying previously to my power company. Thanks to Advanced Home Pros for making the process so easy and taking such good care of me.​” -Vic Landon

The next customer experience who worked with our Where to Buy Solar Locally we wanted to highlight is Beth

When Beth first reached out to us she had really no idea about how Solar worked or even it was an option for her situation. She had just moved to her home 3 months prior and was still getting settled in. Beth has a nice stylish log cabin type home on 70 acres with a huge barn and huge shop. So one of the challenges that we had to overcome with her was getting her utility bill from her utility company and making sure it included all her Barn and Shop electricity usage. One thing Beth wanted was to be as far off the grid as possible and get away from relying on the utility company for her electricity. Our design team of engineers then had to make sure they had the correct property information for Beth being her home was so new google earth and maps didn’t show the location of the home, barn, and shop. So with the help of her, we were able to find the listing of her house and use some of that information to design the system. On top of that Beth was able to take some pictures with her phone and send them over to us to make sure we had accurate information in regards to the shading of the trees around her house. Once again the biggest concern Beth had was being able to have power even if the grid went down or experienced rolling black outs. Our engineers determined that it would be best to have 2 battery backups included in her system. All in all the process with Beth was super simple and things worked quickly. We want to thank Beth and appreciate her for trusting us with providing our Solar service for her home! Here is what Beth said of her experience:

“I can’t thank Advanced Home Pros enough for the overall experience I had working with them. The entire team from the beginning were all professional and super helpful. The reason I went with Advanced Home Pros is because I could tell they knew what they were doing and I could trust them that they had my best interest as their #1 goal. I know I got the best deal because they were open and transparent about everything. I am excited to be able to pay less for my electricity and become less reliant on the utility company. I will always make sure to send anyone who asks me about my solar to Advanced Home Pros!” -Beth Carmichael

Check out some other testimonials from clients who’ve loved our Where to Buy Solar Locally services:

Advanced home pros are the best in the business, plain and simple! They were super easy to work with and well organized. They knew exactly what I needed and helped me get exactly what would fill my needs. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. They are honest and took care of me! -Luke Smith

I really appreciate so many things about working with the advanced home pros team, I really was stressed about who to go with for multiple services and they showed me all the options I had plus more and helped me make the best decision. They made everything simple and I felt like they actually cared about me, can’t ask for much more than that these days! 10/10 -Jacob McCloud

Advanced Home Pros were great. The team there was easy to work with and gave great service. I’m so glad we did solar through them! -Shae Wolfgramm

These guys really know what they are doing and make the process really easy. They saved me money and I can always reach them if I ever have a problem with my account. -James Roberts

The team at Advanced Home Pros does it right! They took care of me to make sure I received the best service within my budget. The process was simple and smooth, and they were courteous and educational! -Scott Mitchell


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